$149.99 / 40% Alc/Vol. 2 x 1L


This exclusive and limited-quantity kit includes two Amnisia Grand Voyage® Cristal Rose Vodka 1L bottles, six shot glasses, and a speed pourer. Only 2000 kits are available, with a maximum purchase of 2 bundles per order. Not available in stores.


Amnisia Grand Voyage® Vodka is our top-of-the-line proposition infused with a subtle and fresh blend of wild Rose Flower Essence. Cristal Rose is silky smooth, dry, clean, and warming, with a sweet rose sensation on the finish and infused with golden molecules. It is created from the highest quality, carefully selected Polish Potato and Organic Wheat. Cristalino is meticulously crafted in limited batches, following a comprehensive and rigorous 10-step production process. Extremely clean, almost odorless, and probably the smoothest and best-tasting sipping vodka in the world. It is best served neat or on the rocks.


The Amnisia Grand Voyage® CRISTAL ROSE bottle is handmade from the highest-quality fragrance-grade crystal glass and finished in an electrically charged chamber, creating a unique, iridescent metallic rose gold finish.


Distilled: Minimum of 6 Times

Filtrations: 3x Through 5000 Carats of Natural Diamonds / 3x Through Platinum / 3x Through Active Charcoal


Oxygenation: 72 Hours


Resting: Minimum of 45 Days


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