$79.99 / 40% Alc/Vol. 1L


Amnisia® is the original and genuine expression of Ultra-Premium Vodka. Created from the highest quality, carefully selected Polish Organic Wheat and Rye, and meticulously crafted in limited batches, following a comprehensive and rigorous 10-step production process. Extremely clean, almost odorless, and probably the smoothest and best-tasting sipping vodka in the world. It is best served neat or on the rocks but is also great in a Martini or as a base for any cocktail.


Amnisia®’s stunning, bespoke-designed bottle is handmade from the highest-quality fragrance-grade crystal glass coated in a Piano Black finish.


Distilled: Minimum of 6 Times


Filtrations: 3x Through 5000 Carats of Natural Diamonds / 3x Through Platinum / 3x Through Active Charcoal


Oxygenation: 72 Hours


Resting: Minimum of 20 Days


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